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Why is Wicker and Teak Outdoor Furniture the Best Combination of Outdoor Furniture?

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Have you ever tried wicker and teak outdoor furniture for your outdoor space? For many people, outdoor furniture is a part of the house, and beautiful outdoor furniture will surely light that outdoor place up.

But, choosing a perfect one is not easy, and daily maintenance will be more painful. This post will introduce wicker and teak outdoor furniture, which will help you save time choosing and caring for your dream outdoor furniture.

Wicker and Teak Outdoor Furniture, A-Lasting Combination

From our previous post, we learn that teak wood is almost the best wood material, and wicker material is the best synthetic material for outdoor furniture, but both have their cons.

So the manufacturers of outdoor furniture tried to blend teak with wicker and found that the teak and wicker outdoor furniture was the best combination of outdoor furniture.

All-weather Durability

Both teak and synthetic wicker are durable to withstand extreme weather conditions, so choosing a wicker and teak outdoor furniture, you don’t need to worry that much about wear and tear, fading, and rot.

Low Maintenance

Another reason wicker and teak outdoor furniture is the best combination is the easy cleaning. It only requires a bit of care and attention.

Not easy to blow down

The wicker outdoor furniture is lightweight, but if using teak wood as a tabletop, frame, or legs, the outdoor furniture will become heavier and not easy to blow down in windy weather.

A wallet-friendly price with better quality

As we all know, teak wood outdoor furniture is expensive, but if replacing part of the outdoor furniture from teak wood with wicker, the price drops, which helps consumers to buy better quality outdoor furniture at an affordable price.

Diversity styles for choice

Besides, since synthetic wicker can be woven in more flexible shapes, teak and wicker outdoor furniture can have more diverse styles, offering more options for consumers.

Styles of Teak and Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Here, let’s look at some styles that how teak and wicker combine in outdoor furniture design.

teak outdoor furniture

( With a teak wood chair leg, the above wicker chair looks rustic but not monotonous and has some retro feels.)

wicker and teak outdoor furniture

 (Such kind of teak and wicker outdoor furniture has a mixed feeling of Chinese style and pastoral style, not contradictory at all, but feels quite attractive.)

teak outdoor furniture

(The beautiful color of teak wood makes the black wicker sofa less tedious. )

teak outdoor furniture

(A wicker rocking chair with teak wood legs helps you to build a nook with love and fun.)  

How to Care For Wicker and Teak Outdoor Furniture?

Wicker and teak outdoor furniture are low maintenance. In daily care, only mild soap, a soft-bristle brush, and water can handle it. The below steps are for your seasonal or yearly maintenance or tougher stains and dirt.

Teak materials

  • Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water.
  • Use a soft brush to scrub the wood.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Allow to air dry or dry it with a towel.
  • Once the above is done, you can apply a sealant to the teak wood.

Wicker materials

  • Mix a few drops of mild oil-based soap in a gallon of warm water.
  • Dampen a soft cloth and gently scrub the furniture.
  • Use a spray to rinse the soap off lightly.
  • Dry immediately with a soft towel.


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