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Furniture Manufacturer’s Tips for Stand-up Desk

It’s always right to take the advice of the furniture manufacturer when you want to buy furniture. Here we will give you some tips for buying a stand-up desk.

Stand-up desks have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, but if you’re just beginning to look into buying one for your office, you might feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of options out there, and unless you know what the different types are, you’ll have a hard time determining which is the best option for your workspace. 

Things you should know about stand-up desk

First, determine whether you want a fixed standing desk that remains at one height, an adjustable sit-to-stand desk that moves to various heights, or a standing desk converter that sits atop your current desk and allows you to sit or stand, and some standing desks are designed to be adjustable to work with treadmills or bikes. Factors to consider include budget, since the prices can vary by a lot, the size and design, the desk’s lift/weight capacity, and whether you prefer an electric or a manually adjustable desk. Each option has its pros and cons, all of which you can learn about in this graphic. 

Buying Guide of Stand-up Desk


Please follow the tips above:

1. Measure the fixed height to see if it's suitable
2. Select from manual or electric version
3. Select base on the size you need
4. Swing arm adaptor is not a required option
5. Make sure it can accommodate the height of the treadmill or bike when buying the desk separately

Hopefully, after reading this article and follow the tips, you will know that if the stand-up desk can meet your needs, and what kinds of stand-up desk you should have. 

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