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Rope Weave Outdoor Furniture-New Trend

Outdoor projects that people choose to decorate their patio are essential for living and comfort. Whether you have experience with outdoor furniture business or you are brand new to it, one of the areas worth exploring is the rope weave outdoor furniture. This is a new trend that you definitely do not want to miss.

What Is Woven Rope?

The woven rope is a type of fabric that has existed for thousands of years due to its strength. It consists of individual pieces of rope that are braided or twisted to form a larger,  more sturdy piece of rope. 

Before we had modern technology and manufacturing processes, woven rope played an very important role in our daily lives because it could provide us with materials for carrying things or secure items.

When we discovered some sturdy materials, the woven rope was quickly abandoned. However, this does not mean that it has no role in modern society. Actually, it has come back into people’s sight. It gives designers plenty of room for creativity, so rope weave outdoor furniture is a new and innovative furniture trend.

rope weave outdoor furniture conversation seating set

Why Rope?

There are so many materials that we can choose from, so why we choose rope as the material? Firstly, it is an exciting material to use because the possibilities of it are endless. Designers can create very different looks all from one kind of materials. Moreover, it is useful in decorative and structural. Because it is a flexible and durable material, it can be used in combination with other materials to give pieces a unique and beautiful look. We can apply it to aluminum, teak and steel frames, etc.

Benefits of Using Woven Rope

Now that you know something about woven rope, here are some advantages of choosing this material.

More Style And Color Options

When choosing furniture with woven rope, you have an endless options of styles, looks and colors to choose from. This is because the thickness of the rope can be customized and this is how you can create a different aesthetic. For example, you can use very thick rope so that anyone who looks at them will see many threads that are tightly wrapped. Or you can have a thin rope for a sleek look. You can also choose between round or flat rope cords.


The rope is made of polyethylene. This means that it is weatherproof and durable. As with any other outdoor furniture, proper care and maintenance of rope weave outdoor furniture will ensure that they last a long time and stay good. And it is always advisable to cover the furniture or store it outside in harsh, especially dangerous weather.

Natural feel

With many materials, such as aluminum and steel, they can give a cool impression when placed in a natural environment such as a patio. This can cause any piece to look inappropriate. If we put pieces of rope weave outdoor furniture, it will be soft and warm. If we put a fire pit in the middle, it can be like camping in nature, but in the comfort of the backyard.


Rope weave outdoor furniture is a trend that is being popular across the world. Outdoor furniture with woven rope detail is not only stylish, it is also made of durable materials that can withstand the weather.

If you are a outdoor furniture wholesaler or retailer who wants pieces of furniture that meet the market trend, then rope weave outdoor furniture is what you want. Contact us to know more about our rope weave outdoor furniture pieces or ODM some masterpiece for your customers.

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