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Purchasing Tips From Bistro Set Supplier

Bistro set is one of the most popular categories in outdoor furniture. As a bistro set supplier, we are here to help with some purchasing suggestions.

A bistro set is a relatively small table that usually has a round top and can accommodate two to four people. Such a table is often found in cafes and, of course, bistros. This type of table set is usually made of metal, but sometimes it can be made of wood or rattan. The surface can be made of the same material class as the base. In some cases, the bistro table top is glass or mosaic.

History of the Bistro Table

The bistro table set has its roots in early Europe. They were originally designed and made by hand for dining in sidewalk cafes. First discovered in small Parisian cafés in the 16th century, these tables are the ideal size to offer outdoor seating on the terrace. The double tables are ideal for couples looking for a pleasant time for breakfast, light lunch or dinner, or having a croissant and a glass of wine. Before using the bistro set, most of the food was served in a restaurant with traditional tables. After their creation, many people began to take advantage of the outdoor recreation they provided.

rattan bistro set from JIAHE bistro set supplier

Measurement of the bistro set

Some bistro set suppliers sell bistro tables of various heights. The bistro set can be the same height as other types of dining tables. These tables are supplied in sets with dining chairs or bar stools as high. This type of bistro table set is also used in restaurants and cafes that offer occasional dining.

Places that bistro set can be used in

These types of tables are often used in restaurants that offer casual dining. They are also sometimes used as patio furniture or as part of a restaurant dining room. Metal bistro tables are often used in outdoor games because they resist the elements better than wooden bistro tables. In most cases, the bistro table comes in a set with two identical chairs. Other outdoor furniture kits have four folding chairs.

These types of tables are sometimes used for sitting at people attending music events or theater performances. Jazz clubs, for example, sometimes use bistro tables as seats. In these cases, guests can order dinner or drinks just to have fun watching the show.

In the local environment, the bistro table can be used to sit in an area with limited space. The small balcony is probably the perfect place for a bistro table and two small matching chairs. Some people use small bistro tables as kitchen tables, especially if the kitchen is too small for a dining table with four or more chairs.

Advantage of the bistro set

One of the advantages of a bistro table is its size. Many restaurants and showrooms use it because they do not have much free space. This allows the restaurant or club to serve more people and subsequently make money. Also, most bistro tables are so light and easy to organize.

For furniture wholesalers or retailers, the most important point is the market of the product. Because it can be used in many occasions such as home garden and restaurants, the market demand is very large. By the time of this writing, there are some Amazon bistro set product listings that has more than 3,000 reviews. In addition, in the situation of high shipping costs, since the bistro sets are always packed together in a knock-down structure, so the average shipping cost is very cheap, and it can meet the packaging requirements for E-commerce.

JIAHE-professional bistro set supplier

With these short introductions, you are ready to choose the best bistro set for your business. A professional bistro set supplier can help you ensure the smooth running of your business. If you need a bistro set supplier who can meet and exceed your expectations, Jiahe Group is the right choice. Contact us today for more information.

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