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How To Start A Business With China Outdoor Furniture Suppliers 2022?

With the development of the economy, outdoor furniture is becoming more and more popular. Many developed countries such as the United States, need to import a lot of outdoor furniture every year and most of these outdoor furniture are imported come from China.

If you want to start a furniture business and intend to purchase from China outdoor furniture suppliers, this article will help you to clarify everything you need to know about importing outdoor  furniture from China. Keep reading to learn more if you’re interested!

Table of Contents

Determine the Cooperation mode you Prefer

Before reaching on the suppliers, the first step for you is to decide on the cooperation model you want with the suppliers. Because among these suppliers, there are not only factories/manufacturers, but also many sourcing agents or trading companies. Both of them have their own advantages.

Outdoor furniture manufacturer

If you choose to cooperate with furniture manufacturers, they can provide cheaper prices and lower MOQ, and these advantages are also what you need most in the early stage of starting a new business.

Furniture Soucing agent

We all know that if you buy furniture through a purchasing agent, you will pay more for the furniture because the purchasing agent will take a commission on the sale. However, purchasing agents can provide better service, they may have more professional foreign language skills when communicating, and they can feedback your order details in a more timely manner. They can even provide you with shipping services and handle customs clearance. When you are not familiar with international business, a sourcing agent can make your business run smoothly and reduce your worries.

sun lounger from JIAHE China outdoor furniture supplier

Where to find China outdoor furniture suppliers?

Once you comfirm to work with a manufacturer or agent, you can start to looking for the suppliers and try to contact some of them. And here a a few ways that you can find them.


When you need to find an China outdoor furniture supplier, the first thing that comes to your mind might be to do a Google search. The vast majority of China outdoor furniture suppliers have their own websites now. Just make sure you narrow your search to China and filter the search results, because Google’s search results are not absolutely accurate.

Online Platforms Like Alibaba

There are many online platforms you can search for the suppliers, such as Alibaba, MadeinChina. Take Alibaba as a sample, it is a popular platform where you can buy outdoor furniture from China online. It’s the world’s largest B2B supplier directory, in fact, it’s a top marketplace you can rely on when looking for cheap and high-quality products. It contains thousands of different suppliers, most of which you can find here are from China. The Alibaba China furniture platform is ideal for online start-ups looking to resell furniture. However, be sure to filter your selections to ensure you’re dealing with reliable companies.


There are many furniture exhibitions in China such as CIFF, CF. Suppliers would showcase their products, services, and factories. This is the most direct way you can find the suppliers you want. But since the outbreak of the COVID-19, it’s very difficult for foreigners to come to China and atend the exhibitions. So nowadays exhibition has become the most infeasible way. 

garden coversation set from JIAHE China outdoor furniture supplier

questions that you need to comfirm

Once you reach on some China outdoor furniture suppliers, there are so many details you need to confirm with them. Here are some basic question you need to ask.

1. When was your company established?

2 Can I see some photos of your company, such as your employees, finished products, offices and factories?

3 Do you accept custom orders?

4. What is the MOQ?

5. What is the FOB price?

6. what is your package for the furniture products?

7. How much does each piece of furniture weigh?

8. What is your delivery time?

9. Does your product meet our market’s quality standards and safety regulations? (You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a situation with all the setup, ordering, and delivery, only to find you’re not following the appropriate regulations and compliance rules required in your area.)

10. What is your payment method?

11. How do you conduct quality inspections? (Given that you can’t return a container full of defective or damaged furniture, it’s absolutely essential to schedule a quality inspection before your furniture leaves the factory.)


After reading the above info, it should help you to start business with China outdoor furniture suppliers smoothly. Please note in particular that outdoor furniture is purchased seasonally, so when you plan to purchase, make sure to buy ahead a few months before peak season. If you have more questions, please contact JIAHE for help!

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