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How To Find A Reliable Patio Furniture Supplier On Alibaba 2022?

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Finding a reliable patio furniture supplier can be a challenge most of the time. If you want a juicy profit in the end, you need to keep in mind that finding the right supplier is important! As the world’s largest B2B platform, Alibaba has many suppliers and manufacturers, but the fact that many suppliers offer countless products and services does not guarantee that you will find a reliable supplier. Here let us find out how to find the perfect patio furniture supplier at!

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Supplier Types

Trade Assurance

Alibaba Trade Assurance is a free service that aims to build trust between buyers and sellers. It means that you are insured if your products are not shipped on time or your products do not meet the required quality standards. Alibaba will pay for the items if any of these things happen to you and you get a full refund. That’s why Trade Assurance is a very good way to prevent fraud.

Gold Suppliers

What is a gold supplier? “Gold Supplier is a premium membership for suppliers. It provides members with comprehensive ways to improve their products, maximize product exposure and increase return on investment.”

This means that it is very unlikely that it is a fraud. Premium membership requires the suppliers to pay a high membership fee for gold supplier status. Although membership fees do not guarantee that they are reliable, gold suppliers are less likely to be fraudsters because no fraudsters are willing to pay for such a high cost on it. You can check how many years the patio furniture supplier has Gold Status on the product page or vendor profile.

Verified Suppliers

Verified suppliers may be your best choice. These are gold suppliers from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, who have been inspected by a third-party inspection company. Once the patio furniture supplier has been verified, you will see the verified logo on their Alibaba profile, as well as a list of what they have been verified for.

When you look up patio furniture suppliers on Alibaba, click the button of Trade Assurance, Gold Suppliers, and Verified Suppliers so you see the relevant suppliers and products.

alibaba supplier types

Verify Suppliers' Info

When you have the shortlist of the patio furniture suppliers, it is time to do some more research. Try to find out more information to verify who they are.

A. Business license: In China, a company name includes its location, name, main product, and partnership type.

B. Business type: Many companies have both factory and export licenses, while others only have licenses for manufacturing or trading.

C. Number of years selling on Alibaba: Supplier can be more stable and reliable if they do business on alibaba for a longer time.

D. Company certifications: Make sure the patio furniture supplier have the necessary certifications of quality and meet the regulation of your market.

For more information, you can google the vendor name. You can also search for the business name using terms like scam, bad reviews, etc.

Check Review And Rating

Alibaba also has ratings and reviews, so you can see what other buyers think about the patio furniture suppliers and their products.

alibaba patio furniture supplier's review from clients

Can you trust the supplier now? So far, we can make sure that the Business is legitimate, all papers are correct, location is actual. Should you trust now? Not precisely, we are almost good to go but there is more to consider.

Some Questions To Ask Suppliers

What is their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

What is their FOB price?

How will they package the patio furniture?

What is the leading time?

What are the patio furniture’s weight and volume per piece?

What certifications does the specific patio furniture have?

When was the company established? 

What are their main products? (Patio furniture suppliers mainly focus on a few types of patio furniture.)

Is it possible to provide us with some photographs of your company’s employees, completed goods, workshop, office, and manufacturing facilities? 

Do you accept customized orders?

What materials will be used to make this patio furniture? 

Where is the factory located? 

Just feel free to ask every question you could ever think of, as specific as you can.

Ordering Patio Furniture Samples

Samples are always better than texts, pictures, and even videos. Because you can touch and feel your future product, measure it, and test with it. With the sample, you will get to see the packaging quality and how is the safety of each product. You will get to know the product quality by yourself. Are you willing to step into the market, pushing that product in your cart? 

If you order samples from different patio furniture suppliers and wholesalers, you also can check and compare their Product Quality, Communication Quality, Price Range, and Packaging.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your suppliers. Just don’t overdo it in terms of price. If you’re trying to keep your price down, keep in mind that this may affect the quality of your product. Maintain a negotiating spirit, be patient, considerate, and reasonable. Quality comes at a price.


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