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China Rattan Furniture: How Much Do You Know?

Many wholesaler and retailers have imported China rattan furniture to their market or have plans to do it, due to the long distance, they are still not very familiar with the local rattan furniture market. Here we will briefly introduce the things you want to know about china rattan furniture. 

China rattan furniture

Main production Area

The main production area of China rattan furniture is Guangdong, especially in Jiangmen City, Zhongshan City, Foshan City, and other places. Since the Tang Dynasty, there have been workshops here to use rattan to weave mats, chairs and other rattan wares. In the 19th century, Guangdong began to import raw materials from Indonesia, and the production of rattan furniture here became more prosperous. The history has a broad origin, and the craftsmen passed the torch from generation to generation, passing down the exquisite weaving technology.

Material change of rattan furniture

Due to factors such as temperature and humidity, natural rattan furniture is prone to cracking and deformation in many areas. Moreover, as a natural material, although rattan is very popular, it also faces the problem of scarcity of raw materials.

Therefore, furniture manufacturers began to use rattan-like materials to make furniture. Its visual effect is realistic, but it has the lightness, firmness and leather personality that natural rattan cannot match.

The imitation rattan mentioned here is made of plastic, and its appearance is exactly the same as that of real rattan. It not only solves people’s desire to return to nature, but also eliminates the cumbersome care of native rattan.

Now there are mainly two kinds of rattan-like materials on the market, one of the most common is PVC rattan, and the other is high-quality PE rattan.

Compared with natural real rattan, which are not weather-resistant outdoors, easy to crack, deform, mold, and difficult to take care of, PE rattan has super anti-ultraviolet function, and it lasts for a long time under sunlight. It does not deform under the temperature difference of -50 to 70 degrees Celsius and is easy to clean, just simply wipe with a rag. 

Compared with PVC rattan, PE rattan has a smoother and more delicate surface, and is also better in flexibility, air permeability, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew and other aspects.

China rattan furniture

Market Development of Rattan furniture

As a non-timber forest product, rattan furniture has a strong competitive advantage in the world furniture industry. Now outdoor China rattan furniture can be seen everywhere, and the beautiful figure of outdoor rattan furniture cannot be escaped from the background pictures of fashion magazines.

If the softness of the rattan weakens the coldness of the iron, then the changes in the lines of the cast iron make the rattan chair more interesting. In addition, the combination of rattan and wood, cotton, linen, cloth and other materials, and then carefully crafted, is not only pleasing to the eye, but also shows its style and taste.

Because PE rattan furniture can guarantee the source of raw materials, and the price will not fluctuate frequently, many furniture companies has considered developing in the direction of PE rattan and other new material furniture, expanding their product lines.

compare of our high quality PE rattan and recycled PE rattan


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