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Exhibitor Guidance of High Point Fall Market 2022

Many furniture wholesalers or retailers want to be exhibitors of the coming High Point Fall Market 2022, and here are a brief guidance.

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What is High Point Market?

High Point Market, held in High Point, North Carolina, is the world’s largest trade fair for the furniture industry. It has 12 million square feet of showrooms in about 180 buildings. The market is held twice a year: the spring market lasts two weeks in April and the fall market lasts one week in October. Every year, High Point Market attracts 70,000 to 80,000 people from the furniture industry in more than 100 countries. Among these people, there are exhibitors, buyers, designers, and the media. More than 2,000 exhibitors came to the market and tens of thousands of furniture products were on display.

Why Become an Exhibitor of High Point Fall Market 2022?

Attract More Buyers and Develop Your Business

Each market is viewed by more than 700,000 buyers and there is no doubt that exhibitors can have a great opportunity to be known by the buyers. And when you register to be an exhibitor, you will need to create an exhibitor profile for free. The vast majority of buyers use the High Point website to plan their trips, so your free exhibitor profile is the best way to introduce yourself. What you need to do is, post your showroom location, product categories, and contact information on your exhibitor profile clearly, and link it to your website and social media channels. It can attract more customers to your showroom and lead to more business opportunities.

Boost Your Brand

Each High Point Market attracts media from around the world. Editors, journalists, bloggers, celebrities come to the market one after another, as long as your product or showroom can attract them, your brand will be posted by them, and known by more buyers.

IMG 4602 Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

A view of Main Street during the Spring 2021 High Point Market. PAUL GARBER/WFDD

How to be an Exhibitor of High Point Fall Market 2022?

Rent an Exhibit Space

The company, International Market Centers (IMC), owns and operates approximately 60% of High Point Market real estate. All wholesalers who want to exhibit can contact the owner’s rental agent directly.

Provides Information for Guides, Directories, and Websites

The Market Preview Guides, Market Resource Guide, and Market Pocket Guide are managed and printed by IMC. Provides your information for printed guides, directories, and at via the IMC website.

Register to Passes

Exhibitors are required to secure passes for all company members who will attend the Market. The register can be finished online at

Transport Your Samples and Decorate the Showroom

Contact your furniture supplier in advance for sample production and arrange to ship, after delivery place them in order to attract more customers.


Exhibitors can make promotions to attract attendees to their showrooms. HPMA offers many free marketing communications tools, as well as various paid sponsorships.

High Point Fall Market 2022

How to plan your trip?

Book air tickets, airport shuttles, hotels, restaurants, and rent cars if you need. You can check all these information on High Point website


Register online for High Point Fall Market 2022 in advance and arrive earlier to decorate the showroom.


Schedule meetings with buyers outside of the market time.


You can also contact the high point market concierge directly, Travel Quest, Inc., for professional assistance.

Warming Tips For High Point Fall Market 2022

High Point Market is Open to the Trade Only.


Children under 15 years old are not allowed access to High Point Market.


Animals are not allowed access except for the service dogs.


No photography without permission of the building or exhibitor.


Individual exhibitors can decide access to their showroom.


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