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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Furniture-2022

Outdoor furniture is an important part of furniture. With the development of the global economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the outdoor furniture market is also showing a steady growth trend.

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What is outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture, different from indoor furniture, is set up in open or semi-open outdoor spaces to facilitate people’s healthy, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities.

outdoor furniture egg chairs


It mainly covers four major categories of urban public outdoor furniture, garden outdoor leisure furniture, commercial outdoor furniture, and portable outdoor furniture.

Urban public outdoor furniture

It refers to the furniture set up in urban public outdoor spaces, such as streets, squares, and parks, for people to stay, rest and entertainment. The items we usually know are leisure benches, outdoor umbrellas, etc.

Garden Outdoor Leisure Furniture

It refers to furniture designed for people’s leisure and entertainment in private outdoor spaces (family terraces, balconies, private gardens, gazebos, etc.) without public access. The items we usually know are leisure tables and chairs, sun umbrellas, hanging chairs, patio swings, etc.

Commercial outdoor furniture

It refers to the furniture set up for the purpose of meeting people’s meals and rest in semi-open outdoor spaces (restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.) that the public enters and exits. The items we usually know are outdoor dining tables and chairs, leisure sofas, etc.

Portable Outdoor Furniture

It refers to a series of disassembled and foldable furniture that is convenient for traveling or vacationing. It has the characteristics of light weight, small size and easy portability. The items we usually know include foldable tables set, foldable stools and other products.

Material Options

If you are a furniture wholesaler or retailer who wants to increase the product line of outdoor furniture, when purchasing, you must pay attention to the material. Outdoor furniture is placed outdoors for a long time, and it is inevitable for them to be exposed to the wind and the sun, so they must be deformed and faded. Aluminum and resin products are the easiest to care for, while wicker or wood furniture requires regular maintenance.

Bamboo and rattan furniture are beautiful, but they are expensive and difficult to take care of. And they are easy to collect dust and mold, so be sure to choose products of good quality and specially treated.

In terms of solid wood products selection, if you want products of good crack-resistance and durability, teak wood, acacia wood, white oak, and other woods that rot slower than others will always be a good choice.

In order to protect forests and the environment, there are many synthetic woods, such as plastic wood, wood-plastic composite, PVC, etc. With the improvement of technology, these plastic products have stronger weather resistance, rot resistance, anti-fading, and anti-aging.

Compared with wooden furniture, metal materials are more durable. Generally, there are made of iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast aluminum, and so on. Iron and cast iron are easy to rust, aluminum alloy has better rust resistance, and cast aluminum and stainless steel have stronger rust resistance, but the price is more expensive.

teak wood material for outdoor furniture
white aluminum table top of outdoor furniture
waterproof fabric cushion of outdoor furniture

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